WSU Everett University Center Featured in the Seattle Times

August 11, 2017

WSU Everett Campus Chancellor Paul Pitre stands on the huge staircase inside the new building for engineering. The school has helped many students land their dream jobs.
© Ellen M. Banner/The Seattle Times

The new University Center at WSU Everett was featured this morning in the Seattle Times. The new building will dramatically expand access to higher education in the region, encouraging innovation and collaboration across disciplines. The building expresses WSU’s core values and creates a strong distinct identity for the University while integrating with the Everett Community College campus across the street. It will provide beautiful, flexible, high performance space that serves the region’s educational needs as the campus grows for many decades into the future.

You listened to the stories of young people and what it took to get their degree — and it wasn’t that long ago they couldn’t get that degree in Snohomish County ... the opening of the new building is the biggest thing Everett has ever done in terms of its future.

Pat McClain, WSU Everett Advisory Council

For those interested in touring the building, there will be two opportunities. The first will be the Grand Opening on August 15. The second will be a tour with the AIA's Committee on Architecture in Education on August 23.

Read the entire article: WSU’s New Building: ‘The Biggest Thing Everett Has Ever Done In Terms of its Future’, Seattle Times, August 11, 2017