SPSCC Campus Master Plan

South Puget Sound Community College

SPSCC Campus Master Plan

South Puget Sound Community College

Creating a Student-Centered Campus Experience While Accommodating Rapid Growth

Through a collaborative process with a wide range of campus stakeholders, the SRG team created a campus development plan for the College’s existing 102-acre site, as well as a plan for its newly purchased, undeveloped 54-acre Hawks Prairie site in Lacey, WA. The Master Plan will guide development of specific campus programs and facilities for the next 20 years while providing a long-term vision for the next 50 years.


102 acres existing campus, 54 acres new site

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Olympia, WA

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SRG assisted the college in evaluating its existing program mix, as well as projecting future program needs. The plan balances development between the two campuses; is environmentally responsible and minimizes the impact of buildings and operations on the site; and provides the flexibility to accommodate future shifts in program thinking.

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The new Hawks Prairie Campus Plan included creating a distinctive identity and sense of place; sharing an architectural consistency to create a cohesive visual environment; and taking full advantage of the site’s natural features, including abundant trees and a stunning southeast view to Mt. Rainier.