Maritime Science Building

Clatsop Community College, MERTS Campus

Maritime Science Building

Clatsop Community College, MERTS Campus

Increasing Visibility of a Coastal Resource

The Maritime Science Building will elevate the recognition of Clatsop Community College’s coastal educational program as it continues to grow into the most comprehensive industrial and marine technology center in the Pacific Northwest.


17,500 sf

Year Complete

Est. 2022


Astoria, OR

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Specialized Resources
This new 17,500 sf facility will house general and specialized classrooms, offices, conference space and other instructional and building support spaces for their Maritime Science, coastal resources, environmental studies, scientific research training and Industrial and Manufacturing Technologies career and technical academic and training programs.

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Campus and Community Enhancement
As only the fourth building on the Marine and Environmental Research and Training Station (MERTS) campus, the siting of the building is of high importance. SRG’s design integrates the building into the existing campus and its natural surroundings, while also creating a unique destination and arrival point for the campus that strengthens the sense of place and the maritime identity and brand.

This facility provides the opportunity to reflect the college’s commitment to the future of their community, recognize the importance of access to quality postsecondary education, and be a place for community educational, cultural, and economic participation, leadership and service.