A New Home for Airplanes

October 19, 2015

Two members of the Museum of Flight’s fleet of airplanes now have a roof over their heads as of Saturday morning.

The Boeing 787 move began at 10:30 a.m., crossing E Marginal Way S in front of a crowd of Museum and Boeing staff and patrons. The team below kept close watch on the wings, which passed within 18” of the utility poles, the Space Gallery and the Aviation Pavilion columns. Before arriving on the concrete slab, wheels were brushed clean of dirt and gravel (shoes off in the house!).

The 787 was followed closely by the B-17, its adorable little buddy who will join it inside the Aviation Pavilion where wingtips and cockpits will be warmed by the fire of bright orange construction vests, and soothed by the crackle and spark of fillet welds assembling the south half in the weeks ahead.