PSU 4th and Montgomery Building in Business Tribune

November 08, 2018

While Fourth & Montgomery is a building now under construction in Portland, it truly serves as a bridge in so many ways. For one, it will bring together four distinct user groups—PSU, OHSU, PCC and the City—in one facility to share resources. The building’s integrated design process worked to discern the values shared by each of them, and then defined the design’s guiding principles—a road map and compass for the building’s execution, from beginning to end. Sited between two City districts with distinctly different building scales, Fourth & Montgomery’s design also works to strengthen the visual relationship between them.

"I really love the way it feels like there's movement across the façade. It has a nice texture that's not as uniform as a typical office building." –Dan Zalkow, Portland State University Associate Vice President for Planning, Construction and Real Estate.

Read more about the design moves that add visual height to negotiate the transition in neighborhood scale, and how SRG Principal Laurie Canup describes how our process led to more relevant and resonant design choices.