Knight Cancer Research Building Opens New Era in Cancer Research

September 10, 2018

The Knight Cancer Research Building at OHSU is now open. Home to 650 multi-disciplinary cancer researchers, the building houses CEDAR, the first large-scale early detection cancer research center of its kind. Designed via Integrated Project Delivery to strategically encourage both professional collaboration and social interaction among scientists and engineers, Dr. Brian Druker, Director, OHSU Knight Cancer Research Institute, commemorated the building at its opening.

“I’m incredibly grateful for OHSU leadership, to the architects and construction firm, SRG and McCarthy-Andersen, and to all of the men and women who came together to design and build this remarkable building. Everything we do in this inspiring space will be dedicated to finding better treatments in detecting cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages. The men and women who built this building understood our mission. This building stands as a monument to those we’ve lost and a testament to the urgency of our work. From the first stages of conception of this project, we brought together architects, our construction firm and our team of researchers and staff to create a building that would foster collaboration, teamwork and innovation. And when you walk through this building, you’ll realize, we accomplished that goal.”

  • Dr. Brian Druker, Director of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, speaking at the Knight Cancer Research Building’s Community Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, September 9, 2018. Dr. Druker revolutionized the treatment of cancer through research that resulted in the first drug to target the molecular defect of a cancer while leaving healthy cells unharmed. The discovery established him as a pioneer in the field of precision medicine and spurred the development of more than 50 similar precision therapies for other cancers.

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