SRG Presenting at AIA National Conference, Others This Spring

May 22, 2019

Architects and leaders at SRG Partnership are in the midst of presenting an array of discoveries and expertise at several spring and summer industry conferences.

Tradeline | April 8-9, St. Petersburg, FL
“Building Consensus on a 4-Owner Project”
SRG principal Laurie Canup, along with Kate Vance of Portland State University and Jeff Slinger of Andersen Construction Company, presented the challenges of decision-making for the 4th and Montgomery project, currently under construction in downtown Portland’s Innovation District. Currently under construction, the $77 million project will represent a 4-owner partnership including Portland State University (PSU), Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Portland Community College (PCC), and The City of Portland. The project team is utilizing an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model coupled with a culture of trust and collaboration to optimize project results.

Living Future UnConference | April 30-May 3, Seattle, WA
“Beyond the POD Initiative: How Can We Leverage Creative Partnerships to Address Houselessness in our Communities?”
SRG architect Scott Mooney teamed with Todd Ferry and Travis Bell of the Portland State University School of Architecture and Joanna Tran Do of Multnomah County to share how key partnerships have helped alleviate the homeless crisis through houseless shelters called Pod Villages. SRG recently organized a design competition amongst industry professionals to provide housing for the now-open Kenton Women’s Village in North Portland.

AIA National Conference 2019 | June 6-8, Las Vegas, NV

“Designing in an Age of Technology, Data Visualization and AI”
Panelists Jeff Yrazabal of SRG, Don Weinrich of Ennead Architects, Tom Hier of Biddison Hier and Craig Schwitter of BuroHappold Engineering will discuss the specific ways AI, data visualization tools, programming and facilities assessment tools will help define smarter ways to plan and build in the future. The session will explore how a focus on human-centered design and research can help inspire thought leadership in the industry.

“POD Initiative: Community Strategies to Address Houselessness”
SRG architect Scott Mooney will team with Todd Ferry and Travis Bell of the Portland State University School of Architecture and Joanna Tran Do of Multnomah County on a panel to address houselessness in Portland and what communities can do to alleviate the crisis. Together they will discuss how the Partners on Dwelling Initiative catalyzed events to allow partnerships amongst architects, students, nonprofits and the community to create the first two sanctioned Pod housing villages in Multnomah County.

SCUP National Conference | July 14-16, Seattle, WA
“Higher Education on the Brink”
Kip Richardson, SRG’s Director of Marketing and Business Development, along with Dan Zalkow of Portland State University, Steve Tatge of the University of Washington, and Libby Ramirez of Oregon State University, will come together to present systemic capital improvement strategies to weather the coming financial storm universities face in the wake of decreased funding, deferred maintenance and shrinking enrollment. The session will present holistic solutions and review strategies currently being considered by university leaders to address and correct the situation.