Why An Art Gallery?

July 29, 2014

By Dennis Haskell

Why would an architecture firm bother with having an art gallery in its space? Doesn't that take a lot of extra non-billable work? Couldn't that space be put to better use for more work stations, conference rooms or sexy displays of its own work? Maybe so, but at SRG we feel that maintaining a connection to our artistic roots is an essential component of who we are as a firm.

It would be easy to be overwhelmed by today's drawing and imaging technology and allow it to suggest or even establish a design direction. By having an ever changing display of diverse artistic expression and creativity in our space, we are reminded daily of our basic belief about the importance of aesthetics in design. Engaging with artists who participate in a wide variety of media contributes to refreshing our outlook and the ways we may feel about expressing our clients' needs in physical form.

Managing a gallery is not our primary business and since we are not a commercial gallery we do not take commissions or charge fees. This allows us the ability to give new and upcoming artists who may not yet have a public reputation the opportunity to show their work and gain some greatly valued exposure in the community. It provides us much enjoyment and satisfaction to see the joy that often brings.

Such a gallery also strengthens our connections to the community at large. By having monthly or bimonthly after-hours receptions, we are exposed to many people we may not normally meet and they, in turn, get to know us, our office and our work. This strengthens our visibility and commitment to our community and integrates us more into its goings on.

Come see our gallery and enjoy the work of many diverse artists. Their work shows for two months and they have a reception on the First Thursday of the first month of their show. Check our calendar for our current and upcoming shows and enjoy along with us.


Dennis Haskell


Consulting Principal