Cycling Haikus

January 08, 2014

We asked some of our most dedicated cyclists to write a haiku about their low-carbon commuting.

Angry winds roll past
Sounds like too many people
All talking at once

Cold rain pounds my face
Fierce wind resists the pedals
A bus pass? No thanks
-Tim Richey

A slow casual ride
With many other cyclists
No police escort

Seattle morning
Typically gray and misty
We're a quiet crowd

Off to City Hall
A quiet crowd of cyclists
Greet the morning

Gathered at the bridge
News media with cameras
Many cyclists rule!
-Uwe Bergk

Drips fall from my brow
Steady and focused ahead
Fast past city shores

Waterlogged clothing
Clings to my spaghetti legs
I push through the wind

HONK HONK ding! ding! ding!
Get out of the road biker!
It's my road too! SMASH!
-Royce Bixby

Cool damp discomfort
Teeth, eyes ease post facial spray
Denim dries slowly

My ass crack is wet
Update spams keep being sent
Thank God May's over
-Nathan Messmer

Awesome is the bike
That I ride to work daily
When the chain stays on

William rides behind:
Cold fingers, cold hands, cold nose
Pedal more, whine less
-Tim Grinstead

Threatening clouds above
Bikers unprepared for flight
Wild ride ahead
-Robert Hoang

Bike size right size
No Frenzied car pace
Two wheeled rate

City spaces
At human pace
-Jim Wilson